Spotty Fungi  - Junipurr Jewellery

Spotty Fungi - Junipurr Jewellery


Our Dotty’s Friend Spotty Threadless End is the perfect compliment to any garden, or ear.  Dotty’s Friend Spotty is offered in 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold and measures 5.30mm x 7.70mm.  This end is a friend, not food, and is a fun option to add to an already unique setup. Check our Spotty’s friend Dotty for a savoury pairing.  

If you're unfamiliar with how threadless jewellery works, please visit the 'jewellery styles' section for more information, or get intouch using the contact form - always happy to help!

  • Available gauges : Universal with threadless post.
  • Material = Solid 14ct Gold attatchment - ASTMF136 Titanium Post 
  • Threadless 
  • Lifetime Warranty guarentees quality of materials and workmanship. Loss or accidental damage is not covered.

If you would like to be pierced with this jewelery, please do not purchase via the website - once jewellery has left the manufacturer to your adress, we can not sterilise the jewellery as we have lost our line of tracability and we will be unable to pierce you with it. To order for piercing, please message first - we may already have the item you're looking for in stock!

ALL SOLID GOLD PIECES HAVE AN AVERAGE WAIT TIME OF 2-6 WEEKS. However, most times this will be 2. Unfortunately we have no control over the customs timeframe, we can however provide full tracking upon request.


+ Threadless Base

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