Fauxpal Ménage à Troi - Junipurr Jewellery


The Trinity with Opal piece features a prong-set cluster of three 1.5mm opal gemstones. This classic looking threadless decorative end is available in 14 karat Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold options. Measuring 4mm x 3.40mm, it can be used in any piercing that is fit with a threadless post.


If you would like to be pierced with this jewelery, please DO NOT PURCHASE ONLINE - get in touch - once it has left the studio, we can not sterilise the jewellery.

ALL SOLID GOLD PIECES HAVE AN AVERAGE WAIT TIME OF 6- 8 WEEKS. However, most times this will be 2 - we have no control over customs time frames. 


Fauxpal Ménage à Troi - Junipurr Jewellery

+ Threadless Base

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