Gold Cz Clicker - Daith/ Septum

The Gold Cubic Zirconia Clicker piece is a classic ring featuring a continuous row of 1mm clear cubic zirconia gems. The perfect centerpiece for a simple yet glamerous look! This ring would work pefectly in a daith or septum. 

The seam of the hinge is conveniently placed to not interfere with healing piercings. This clicker style ring can be found in 14 karat Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold options.

Available in 16 gauge, (1.2mm thicmness) and comes in 3 different inner diameters: 8mm (with 9 gems), 9mm (with 11 gems), and 10mm (with 12 gems).



If you would like to be pierced with this jewelery, please do not purchase via the website - once jewellery has left the manufacturer to your adress, we can not sterilise the jewellery as we have lost our line of tracability and we will be unable to pierce you with it. To order for piercing, please message first - we may already have the item you're looking for in stock! If you are hoping to be pierced with this piece, it is important to have a consultation first so we can assess sizing.

ALL SOLID GOLD PIECES HAVE AN AVERAGE WAIT TIME OF 2-4 WEEKS. However, most times this will be 2. Unfortunately we have no control over the customs timeframe, we can however provide full tracking upon request.

Gold Cz Clicker - Daith/ Septum

Gold Colour

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