Anatometal Bullet Attatchments


  • Available gauges : 16g
  • Material = Implant Grade Steel
  • ASTMF136 Titanium Post required
  • Synthetic stone or Fauxpal 
  • Internally Threaded
  • Lifetime Warranty guarentees quality of materials and workmanship. Loss or accidental damage is not covered.

If you would like to be pierced with this jewelery, please do not purchase via the website - once jewellery has left the manufacturer to your adress, we can not sterilise the jewellery as we have lost our line of tracability and we will be unable to pierce you with it. To order for piercing, please message first - we may already have the item you're looking for in stock!

Please bare in mind Needles & Noodles is a also a physical store where the stock is on display. If an in store purchase is made at the same time as an online purchase, we will contact you regarding an immediate refund or to confirm if you're happy to wait the estimated two to four week lead time for another to be sent out to us. 



Anatometal Bullet Attatchments


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