Here at Needles & Noodles, we operate a strict ID policy for all of our piercing procedures. If ID is forgotten, we will not be able to perform your piercing.
This is to ensure your safety and ages are in line with our ethics and our insurance policy holders guidelines.

ID is non negotiable and will need to be a physical copy with name, photograph, and date of birth. 

Examples of acceptable ID are: Passport, Driving License, Citizen Card.
In the case of young children, birth certificate and supporting documentation with a matching surname will suffice.


If you do not own any photo ID, Citizen Cards are available for just £15 and can be purchased here.

8*+/ 14*+
(Photo ID and Parental Consent required) or 14+ With Photo ID. Please read below.

*(Or 14+ with Photo ID and Parental Consent)
This includes Helix, Conch, Tragus, but excludes the Rook, Industrial, and Daith.

( Or 14+ with Photo ID and Parental Consent)

(With Photo ID*)

18+ by LAW.
(With Photo ID)

Surface Piercing:

+ 18

(With Photo ID*)

**We are huge believers in safe and ethical ear piercing for children. It's truly important to us to educate the public on why chain stores and gun piercing are not a safe option, and in the interest of doing so, we offer earlobe piercings from the minimum age of 8+ to decrease the 'need' to visit such places. Photographic ID from both guardian and child is required.

We endeavour try our absolute best to ensure that your child will be comfortable and calm throughout and we use special needles to minimise any risk of jumping or flinching, and.. they look much less scary!

We insist upon one parent being present in the room at all times for support and guidance but we do ask for mindfulness around potentially pressured language or behaviours. (Believe us, it happens!) We retain the right to refuse and reschedule on the day if we do not believe that your little one is ready as we are avid believers in consent and will not adopt the 'just get it done' attitude.
If this is the case, we will be able to transfer your booking fee to a later date but refunds are not available due to the time taken and resources used. Prices start from £45 including a selection of the highest quality, implant grade and mirror polished options. Additional choices are available at increased price points. We do NOT pierce babies ears.