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Hey there, I'm Nico Salt! I'm the resident Body Piercer, Jewellery wizard and Modification enthusiast at behind Needles & Noodles Piercing, and my goal is to make you feel beautiful, safely!

By offering my Piercing services with a selection of only tried and tested materials such as ASTM F136 Titanium, Niobium, and certified 14ct and 18ct solid gold, you can rest assured that your Piercing was carried out with quality jewellery that will last a lifetime.

You can currently find me working from Crimson Rose Tattoo in South Levenshulme by appointment only. 

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A little about me:

Firstly, thanks for visiting my website! I hope you find it to be an interesting resource for all things piercing and body jewellery.
I started my piercing journey in early 2018 and have since had the pleasure of piercing thousands of clients in many unique and wonderful placements. After a few years learning to pierce under a formal apprenticeship, I branched out to create Needles and Noodles Piercing.. inspired by my love of.. ahem.. Needles and Noodles.

If I had to chose, my favourite ear piercing to perform would be a close call between a Conch or a Daith due to the uniqueness of each persons anatomy and vast number of jewellery styling options they both allow. My favourite body piercing/s to perform are Nipple piercings thanks to the immense job satisfaction seeing a client's confidence rocket!

I will always be happy to help you in your jewellery endeavours, and I have grown to stock a large range of SAFE implant grade and luxury materials (Solid 14/18CT gold, Swarovski diamonds, Genuine precious and semi- precious stones)*  for both initial and existing piercings, and you are guaranteed a safe and fun experience.
If you're here with the intention of learning some interesting bits and bobs about Piercing, head over to the blog section of my website where I upload a weekly blog/vlog in the hope to entertain/educate.